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Heroes: Ajay Malhan – Continuing the journey

Posted July 11, 2014 by Tor in Heroes

AJ 2

“If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror”

You may remember Ajay from our original article back in January of this year. Ajay performed one of the most incredible transformations that Tiger has ever seen dropping from 129KG to a staggering 72KG and in the process completely changing his life. It was my privilege to be able to meet with Ajay to talk with him about his continuing journey and where life has taken him in the past 6 months.

To be open with you I thought Ajay’s story was simply going to be just another success story. Of course he had done an absolutely amazing job but I’ve seen many stories of triumph. Of others losing a huge amount of weight, and Ajay at dropping 57KG was no exception but after ten minutes in his company I knew that this guy was very different. He wasn’t just happy because of dropping weight but truly a changed man right down to the very essence of his being. You only need to look at the picture above to see that change was not only on the outside but on the inside too. On the left to me stands a man feeling awkward at having his photo taken. No smile and a hint of lifes tiredness behind those eyes but on the right stands a man full of pride and accomplishment. Chin held high with the belief he can take on anything.

I’ll admit to not being a very spiritual individual. I’m not adverse to posting an inspirational quotation on Facebook every now and again that I felt has inspired me and in turn I hoped would inspire you but Ajay truly inspired me to want to be a better me and this is the person that he has now become. One of his goals in life is to be able to share and inspire so that you too can find the inner belief and happiness he now carries with him every day.

Ajay attributes this success to Thailand. His birthplace as he now calls it. Where it all began and where he will continue to return too as often as he can to pay respect to the Monks country that shaped his future and to Tiger Muay Thai trainer Phet and GM Will Elliott who continues to support him whenever he returns.

I caught up with Ajay at his Phuket home of Cocoville to see how life was going after our first article.

Ajay, welcome back and thank you for taking the time to speak to me about your continuing journey. What brings you back this time around?

After my original challenge and with the impending release of my book, many of the media companies were keen to see that I was the genuine article. A leading men’s health publication then set me a further challenge. Could I do this again? Am I really all i say that I am and can I prove this? Not to myself but to those inevitable skeptics. So this time around I purposely gained 15 KG of weight with the simple goal in mind to lose it yet again using the same methods that I employed from the day I left the Monastery. The hardest part of the challenge was actually having to force my mindset to go back to not training as I have been and eating the wrong kinds of foods.

That’s a big challenge to take on and extremely brave in my eyes after that great loss. How did you get on?

Going from obese to athlete was not easy but reversing the process was even harder. To limit my training and gorging myself  in order to gain fat was totally against my new mindset but it was that same mind that told me I could do it. I was given 12 weeks to undertake this challenge. I completed the task and in only 10 weeks. Actually dropping 17 KG in the process but having used an indoor gym to gain muscle I brought myself back up in weight where I am now at a lean 75Kg so I went down to 7oKG and added 5KG of muscle to my frame.

Have you changed anything in your preparation this time?

Nothing has changed as nothing needed to change. Even before that very first Kilogram dropped way back at the start of this journey it was only ever about one thing. Mindset. If you don’t have the desire and mentality to want this change more than anything else in your life then you are on a futile path. I was in the Monastery for five weeks before even lifting a finger, training my mind to accept everything that was about to come. To really want to accomplish your goal first you have to make friends with yourself. You have to be willing to forgive and let go of any or all emotion that led you to the bad place that you are and start again.

Has your training changed at all?

Other than adding in a weight training regime in order to gain muscle no. Adding muscle was important to me as growing muscle requires more energy to be expended so even at rest my body is burning away calories but the key to the formula was and always will be Muay Thai. I still train every day in the art of Muay Thai with my trainers Kru Lamsongkram and Kru Laimangkon (both trainers of UFC fighter and #1 welterweight in the world GSP Georges St-Pierre) Muay Thai will always be the most important thing to me as it is a way of giving back my thanks and respect to the people who have taught me so much. I don’t simply enter the ring to hit the pads for an hour. This is about learning the art of Muay Thai. It has taken me a long time to earn respect from Kru Phet, Kru Lam and Kru Lai and so every time I enter that ring it is to give 100% in the conventional and truest form.

How do you manage to wake up day in day out and find the motivation to train and how do you make it fun?

For me now my day has not even started until my training is done. It is now part of my everyday mindset. A day without training is a day without living. This is how passionate I am about this. I don’t have to make training fun because it already is. Training can be your church which you need to go and worship in every day. Never forget for a minute that the mind can let us go for the easy option. Our will and knowledge depends on our modes of perception and you must use all five senses to retain motivation. Without this the price is destruction. So for me now it is not a question of how. My very soul speaks to me and takes me to this place. Achievement now feels like a drug. The results are my prize and it is only then you find out what you are made of.

The most important part as we all should know is nutrition. What does your day look like?

I will eat an absolute minimum of four times a day. Good whole and clean food. Everyone deep down knows what clean food is. I don’t count calories or worry myself about carbohydrates but I will time my food cleverly and use it to nourish and fuel my body. There are no magic pills or shortcuts to getting to where you really want to be, just hard work and you must be in tune with what you put in your mouth. Food is the most important part of your life but it is your mindset that you have to change when it comes to knowing what to eat. If you want to lose weight, and I mean really lose and forever be able to keep this weight off then you need to train your mind to think of food being a necessity and not a pleasure. Being accountable for everything that you put into your body as it’s your decision and yours alone. It’s not going to be easy or quick but getting big didn’t happen overnight. It was years of bad habits or emotional eating that got you there in the first place. It was your mind saying “just one won’t make any difference” that allowed you to eat that piece of bad food and now you need to understand that it is your mind that needs to get you out of it.  YOU must learn to be your own motivation…YOU are an individual.

Do you still have cheat meals?

This is such a funny word that we use today, ” the cheat meal” as it’s like a get out of jail free card. As though the food allowed on this one day will somehow be calorie free and not do you any harm. Of course I indulge sometimes. Only last night did I allow myself the pleasure of a nice curry but I don’t give myself an allotted day of the week to overindulge. If I really crave it and I have worked hard for it then yes I will allow myself but I know that I must always be in control and exercise will power but always remember that your goal overrides your cheat meal. There is a constant battle that goes on inside you and you must fight in order to beat the demons.

Ajay, you are now 41 years old. What do you have to say to anyone who thinks it is too late to make a change?

It is appearance that is important and not a number. In life we can choose to live. To feel alive or just simply be alive. We could do what unfortunately so many of us do in this life and just wait. And wait to a degree where it is too late. Time is your biggest asset but it is the only asset you really have. Everything else in this life is temporary. All that we own and cherish will eventually turn to dust. However, this vehicle which is the body we drive in every day of our lives can be changed with mindset at any given time of your life if you desire it to be so. Some choices we make in this life define us forever.  So NO drama, NO victims, NO excuses! Change you and your life now because now is all you truly have…

 “We are captives of our own identities living in prisons of our own creations”

Ajay closed up our interview with the desire to express his deepest thanks to the people here at Tiger Muay Thai who have helped him along his incredible journey.To Will Elliott, general manager of Tiger Muay Thai who has supported him from day one. To UFC fighter Roger Huerta for his time and advice and most importantly to  Kru Lam, Kru Lai and Kru Phet who tirelessly pushed him too and beyond his limits day in day out.

I want to thank Ajay for the interview but I also want to thank him for inspiring this guy at the keyboard too. In the short time I’ve known him he has really helped me to believe that change is possible and that it really is never too late to start a new chapter.
I look forward to reading your book and truly wish you every success….you have earned it!

Ajay has spent the last four years educating himself in fitness, weight loss, mindset and meditation and has documented his entire journey of knowledge and experience into his book “The Power Of Ferocity” which is due to be released in September 2014.

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Victories: Ajay Malhan – An Incredible Transformation

AJ CropAt forty-one years old, Ajay Malhan is one of Tiger’s most impressive success stories. Before training at Tiger Muay Thai, he spent one month meditating with a Buddhist monk to help prepare his mind for his impending life transformation. Once his training began in 2009, he quickly dropped the excess weight, going from 129 KGs to 72 KGs in a matter of months. He’s kept that weight off for the last four years, and regularly returns to Phuket to train for enjoyment. He wants to specifically highlight GM Will Elliott and Head Muay Thai Trainer Phet for the helping to launch him on his weight loss journey.

What first brought you to Tiger?

Pure accident. In 2009, I was looking to transform myself and discovered Muay Thai training through business friends of mine. They said Phuket was a great place to train and that’s all I needed to hear. I looked at a few different gyms, but none of them seemed like a good fit. I met a monk at a temple and spent the next month meditating. After completing that, Tiger’s head trainer Phet was chosen by the monk to begin training with me. The monk trained my mind, which was very important before Phet started training my body with the formula created by the monk.

How old were you when you started at Tiger?

I was thirty-seven years old and couldn’t jog for even a few seconds without losing my breath. I had no training experience whatsoever.

What was your training and eating regimen?

At the time in 2009, I had a diet plan made for me by the monk. I was also training an hour of Muay Thai a day with Phet. It was specifically engineered training that was focused less on technique than it was focused on keeping the entire workout high-intensity.

When I first started training, I weighed 129 KGs. By the end of my first trip to Tiger in 2009, I was down all the way to 72 KGs.

AJ 2

That’s an incredible accomplishment. Have you been able to maintain that weight loss?

I’ve been able to completely maintain my success for the last four years. I’ve also added a good deal of muscle since then.

How do you feel now compared to the start of your journey?

I feel completely transformed. Not only do I now feel extremely confident about my life and work, it’s changed my life in terms of everything I do. I feel more focused and more driven. I look at things more positively. Every day is a new challenge for me and I know that I can achieve anything. Nothing is impossible.

Did you face any challenges or setbacks along the way?

There were many challenges. Sometimes it can be tough to stay motivated, to get up every morning and train. It’s all about having the right mindset.

Did you learn any tips at Tiger that you’ve been able to integrate into your life back home?

Yes. The specific Muay Thai formula is with me every day. It’s how I train at home.

Are there any accomplishments you achieved at camp that you’re really proud of?

I transformed. At the same time, there are many people who I inspired on this journey to follow the same training system I followed. It’s been great to watch them get incredible results following the same system at Tiger.

AJ 3

Why do you think it’s so difficult for people to keep the weight off once they’ve lost it?

The reason they struggle with that is because of their mindset. What you have to do is focus and keep the same mindset you had in the healthy environment you were able to succeed in. That’s the real transformation and change, because of the fight, to remain the man you have become.

What was the atmosphere at camp like?

One of the things that stand out the most is Phet’s jovial nature. The trainers really make it fun and enjoyable to train. It helps a great deal having that positive energy around.

Sounds like you developed a great bond with Phet.

Phet’s multi-level training and willingness to adapt to my needs is what made this all possible. Most trainers don’t want to change the way they do things; they’re stuck in their way of thinking. That’s not how Phet works. He can tailor a workout for every client’s specific needs. It’s incredible.

Do you have any advice for someone else looking to transform in the same way you did?

I have way too many tips and techniques to even try and list them here. My book “The Power Of Ferocity” will be released Summer 2014. Everyone can read all about my background and the man that I’ve become. Anyone can transform the same way I did.


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